David Feinberg - Life Coach

Be the better you

Who am I?

I have over 20 years working with people from all backgrounds.

I am an avid listener.

I am non judgemental; I don’t believe in making anyone wrong.

I walk along the path with you, listening.

I respect what you’re going through.

Your feelings don’t define you.

What clients say

“He has a lively sense of humor which always lightens things up and brings clarity like a summer rain.”

“He participates in a non-intrusive way: he does not just sit silent”

“He gives you great ideas for concrete positive changes.”

“He has significant life experience to enhance his work with you; this brings compassion and insight to you which help bring about proven solutions.”

I can help you with:

Goal setting

Personal realizations

Identifying and achieving closure

Seeing your problems with clarity

Get in touch

I offer affordable rates, as well as phone and Skype sessions. The first appointment will need to be in person.

E-mail: david@davidlifecoach.com

Phone: (516) 818-1762

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